Our Mission

Bringing hurting people to healing and joy.

At Cornerstone you'll find a warm, friendly, and highly experienced team of therapists available to help you in a variety of areas.  Our most important goal will be to help you recognize the problems that are holding you back, draining you of your emotional strength, and keeping you from building a full and rewarding life.

As a part of our effort to stay current with advances in counseling and therapy, each of our staff members must attend a minimum of 30 Continuing Education Hours every two years.  This helps us provide the best possible service to you.  In addition, each staff member is committed to their own spiritual growth.  At Cornerstone, we value all aspects of an individual. 

As we work together, we'll do everything we can to help you resolve troubling issues and give you the tools you and your family need to create the lives you desire.

If you would like to see if we could be of help or an encouragement to you, please give us a call.  We would consider it a privilege to help you build solid foundations for personal growth.

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