"Bringing hurting people to healing and joy."

George R. Goodman, M-Div, MA, LPCC-S

George R. Goodman, M-Div, MA, LPCC-S

The great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in which direction we are moving. ~ Oliver W. Homes I welcome the privilege and opportunity to journey with you toward wholeness and healing.

Philosophy of Counseling

My philosophy of counseling is rooted in the concept of the wounded healer. I, like you, have been wounded as I’ve journeyed through life. When I discovered I could not heal myself, I turned to The Wounded Healer, who is familiar with all my suffering (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual), and I began my journey toward healing.

Education and Credentials

Play Therapist in Training (a few more credits needed for certification)
Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and in the process of gaining Consultant Status
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor ~ Supervisor Status (LPCC-S) - State of Ohio (E.0500569-SUPV)
Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling - Ashland Theological Seminary (ATS), Ashland, OH
Master of Divinity, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Arts in Human Development- California State University, Hayward, CA

Background and Experience

My journey in mental health counseling began in 2003, at ATS. Since receiving my M.A. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling I’ve worked with adults, adolescents, children, and families by helping them move toward conflict resolution, wholeness, and healing. In additions to regular counseling I have training and experience in providing crisis assessments and interventions, and supervision other others in the mental health field. As a certified EMDR Therapist and Play Therapist in Training, I’ve had the privilege of journeying with people of all ages who struggle with symptoms and behaviors related to abuse, trauma, depression, and anxiety toward healing.

I’ve had the fortune and privilege of serving others in the US and Europe by providing peer and pastoral counseling, and now mental health counseling, to individuals from varied cultural, ethnic, religious, age range, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a chaplain, I provided pastoral care in hospital settings (ER, ICU, Inpatient, BWU, Psych), and retirement communities for senior citizens as they lived through the final stage of life.

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